Initially engineering, product development and marketing skills are crucial for the creation of a business. In later stages sales and customer support becomes key. But no one will have a lasting success if they do not manage their processes, administration… More

External consultants

Falkenhøj is a company with limited resources but a big network. Over the years Falkenhøj has brought this network into play and managed coordination and contributions from several partners for the individual projects. The partners mentioned below is only a… More


In all cases Falkenhøj has invested into, there have been one or more co-investors. It has been an important objective for Falkenhøj to raise sufficient funds for the project to reach a sustainable market position. It has been important for… More


Law and lawyers are a part of business. It is important to act correctly and to plan your structure a head. Relationship with stakeholders like owners, employees, customers and authorities needs to manage proactively and in due time. Falkenhøj works… More