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OA’s picks: A part of my job is to understand what goes on, to understand what can be done, what works and what doesn’t. As such I spend several hours every week surfing the web, reading newspapers and magazines, attending seminars and networking events. This page is about what I see and find interesting in relations to investments, business and business development. I will work hard on making the page dynamic, and I will announce important additions on twitter. I hope you will follow and enjoy.


The Economist is a fine example of how you make something different on-line from the printed magazine. A part from high level content you navigate easily via the iPad app, and advertisements are elegantly included without disturbing the experience, and at the same time opening for richer access to information, whenever the message of the ads catches you.


Two years ago decided to move from being “a business card ” and a booking system to become a community site for danish golfers. With a limited investment int the site and social media presence they succeeded in becoming the focal point for planning your activities, following national and international tournaments and individual performances, making most other media irrelevant to golfers.


Lush is fresh, handmade cosmetics. The concept behind is more or less driven by the capabilities if the internet, providing exactly what the individual customer wants right after the decision has been made. Not only the site is user-centric, the product itself is exactly what you have defined yourself. FFW build from scratch not only the site, but also the e-commerce system driving the business which is a combination of on-line presence and physical stores on high-street locations.


Everybody have a web-site. Web strategies varies from just presenting the essential data from your business card to defining your entire business. One of the specialities developing fast is the dialogue with the share holders of your company. One of the most refined examples are Novozymes who together with BystedFFW has developed an environment for investors that leaves nothing to ask for. Have a look at and