About Us


Falkenhøj is a partner for development of small-medium sized companies undergoing strategic change. Falkenhøj operates in a well established network of specialists, lawyers, auditors and investors. Falkenhøj was founded in 1997 and has successfully performed tasks for a series of companies often involving strategic planning, equity investments, interim management and other longer term commitments. Falkenhøj is organized in two legale entities, ApS Falkenhøj is the investment arm, and Falkenhøj Management A/S is covering the consulting and project management elements.

Our services

Falkenhøj works with the management team of the company and participates in development of “the strategic plan”, “the operational plan”, “the organizational development plan”, “the financial plan” and “the financing plan”. Falkenhøj often invests in the company and if needed works with partners in order to provide a full financing package to support the strategic plan. In later stages Falkenhøj participates at board level, provides ongoing support to management, participates in recruitment of key people, provides sales and marketing advice, supports business process improvements and even exit processes etc.

Fields of interest

Falkenhøj has a broad focus within the following markets: IT hardware, -software, Saas B-t-B, digitisation, e-commerce and services, consumer electronics and gadgets. Further Falkenhøj is involved in investments in real estate and securities through the portfolio company “Envest”.

Track record

Falkenhøj has over the years been involved with more than 40 companies in 15 countries, attracting more than 40 m€ of investments. Falkenhøj has performed a number of significant exits.

Please have a look around the web-site and drop us an e-mail or give us a call, if you find an interesting angle!