FFW or Fast ForWard. FFW delivers innovative ideas, human-centered designs, and the best technologies to create compelling digital experiences. Founded in 2000 and based in Copenhagen, Denmark, FFW has grown to be a leading digital agency on a global scale. Solutions are based on state of the art technologies and produced by FFW’s internal production teams in the US, Denmark, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova and Vietnam.

Business has grown 20 x during the last 10 years. FFW serves the market from sales offices in US (Princeton NJ, San José, Cambridge MA, Washington DC, Austin TX), Copenhagen DK, Stockholm SW, Berlin DE, London UK, Paris FR. FFW is an Enterprise Select Partner of Acquia www.aqcuia.com . Since 2013 FFW is for a majority owned by ICTA A.B. a listed company on the Stockholm Stock Exchange www.ICTA.se. Today FFW employs more than 400 people in Denmark, Sweden, USA, Austria, Germany, Brazil, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova and Vietnam.

FFW has created more than 1000 sites for small as well as large customers.

FFW serves customers like LUSH, Meny, Stanford University, GE, City of Copenhagen, YMCA Twin Cities, Autodesk, Nordisk Film Cinemas and Falkenhøj…

www.ffwagency.com .