Actimo ApS

In october 2012 Falkenhøj invested in Actimo ApS through MITCO Invest ApS. Actimo is a cloud based Software as a Service, that helps you to communicate with, train and performance manage your mobile-first employees in real time. Actimo has more… More

Envest ApS

Envest was founded in 1999. Envest invests in property and securities and owns a portfolio of business properties in the Copenhagen area as well as a portfolio of listed shares. Envest has a conservative investment strategy and typically invests longer… More


FFW or Fast ForWard. FFW delivers innovative ideas, human-centered designs, and the best technologies to create compelling digital experiences. Founded in 2000 and based in Copenhagen, Denmark, FFW has grown to be a leading digital agency on a global scale. Solutions… More


IT-R is a competent, price competitive, high quality outsourcing partner for IT infrastructure and support; serving small medium sized companies and organization. IT-R is based in Copenhagen. IT-R has the capacity to dynamically adapt to market and customers needs and… More

Skyspoc ApS

In 2016 Falkenhøj invested in the start-up Skyspoc. Skyspoc is a simple tool for assisting teams in managing complex processes by providing and easy automation of work flows and key information related to task management. Skyspoc has an experienced team of… More