IT-R is a competent, price competitive, high quality outsourcing partner for IT infrastructure and support; serving small medium sized companies and organization. IT-R is based in Copenhagen. IT-R has the capacity to dynamically adapt to market and customers needs and utilizes state of the art remote support technology. IT-R offers fully managed hosting services as well.

IT-R was founded in 2001 as an independent company. The idea behind the company was to support individuals and small/medium business buying products and solutions on the web from e.g. Apple or Dell. These customers were often left on their own when needing after sales support.

Two basic ideas have formed the strategy of the company. 1st) Never to rely on margins earned from hardware and software products. This requires of IT-R always to add real value to the customer.  2nd) To hire fully trained and highly competent senior consultants mixed with high potential trainees in order to maximize over all learning and to stay competitive on price and quality. This allows IT-R to match the customers internal employees from a cost perspective.

Today IT-R serves more than 200 small/medium-sized customers with up to 200 employees. In total more than 3000 people rely on IT-R for their daily desktop, network and application support. In 2008 IT-R established a state of the art hosting environment in order to accommodate the need for fully outsourced IT-solutions. IT-R has strong competencies on both Microsoft and Mac platforms as well as on various communications platforms, including integration of smart phones, mobile- and IP-telephony. Revenue, customer base and competence have grown every year since 2001. IT-R has a healthy balance sheet and AAA-rating.