In all cases Falkenhøj has invested into, there have been one or more co-investors. It has been an important objective for Falkenhøj to raise sufficient funds for the project to reach a sustainable market position. It has been important for the projects, that investors have been able to work together through-out the cycles necessary to reach that market position.

Falkenhøj has been networking with other business angels; venture investors and banks during the years in order to have access to funds and suitable investment partners for each individual project.

Falkenhøj has worked with Vækstfonden, Seed Capital, Scanventure, Vecata, Maj Invest, Lehrmann Holding, Promentum Equity as well as a number of individuals in order to achieve this important fundamental need for all companies; a right sized financial foundation. In october 2012 Falkenhøj co-founded MITCO Invest (Mobile Information Technology and Communication) together with Business Angels: Michael Houghton-Larsen, John Bo Jacobsen and Martin Bøge Mikkelsen.

Falkenhøj is a member of DVCA and Danish Business Angels