External consultants

Falkenhøj is a company with limited resources but a big network. Over the years Falkenhøj has brought this network into play and managed coordination and contributions from several partners for the individual projects. The partners mentioned below is only a selected list. Specialists in the areas of advertising, PR and communication, engineering, logistics etc, can be added to the list.

WEB Strategy, Design and Development: The Web is the most dominating phenomenom in business today. Successful companies are defined by their capabilities on the Web. Whether they manage their brand, their customer related and public communication or ultimately define their products as integrated Web services. Everybody needs a second to none partner for developing their Web-strategy, the “look and feel” and the business integration. Falkenhøj of course works with FFW to achieve just that.


Information and Communication Technology: With out the technology in good working condition, you cannot operate, you cannot utilize the opportunities of the Web, mobile platforms and communication devices won’t add value. In other words productivity will be low and you might not even get a chance to compete in whatever business you are in. Often early stage and smaller companies try to cope themselves and often they don’t do a good job. Falkenhøj of course works with IT-R for 100% or partly out-sourced services in the ITC space.


Recruitment: Every company should not do everything themselves. Recruiting several hundred people over the years require process, experience and resources. Falkenhøj works with People Capital Partner for all levels of recruitment.


Management development: Management changes, management teams changes, challenges changes and you realize that you need to rebuild, refocus, regenerate, and revitalize your management team. Falkenhøj works with Janne Larsen Ledelsesrådgivning ApS for adding long-term value to management, processes and performance.