FFW (at the time Propeople) contacted Falkenhøj back in 2008. After 8 years of continued growth and initial internationalization, the founders sought advice on strategic development and direction as well as ongoing sparring on HR matters, organization, marketing etc. Falkenhøj arranged a strategic planning event and a 5 year plan came out of it. The plan was executed and adjustment frequently added. In 2010 revenues had more than doubled and the company established sales presence in Sweden and in the US. Falkenhøj made an initial investment into the company and Ole Andersen joined the board as chairman. In 2011 Propeople opened a sales office in Vienna and entered into a joint venture with Swedish ICTA leading to significant deals in consortium with Bysted (an ICTA subsidiary serving the Danish market). In 2013 revenues had grown 6 x compared to 2008 and Intellecta acquired 60% of the shares in company. In 2015 US based Blink Reaction was acquired, and in 2017 the organisation merged into the FFW of today. FFW has become a major international player in development of digital communications solutions and a WW leader in the field of Drupal (https://drupal.org/)based solutions. In October 2019 FFW was sold to German equity investor Findos for up to 34 m€, and with that Falkenhøj sold all of its holding in the company.